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Privacy Policy

Visionamics uses name, email address, postal address, and other Personal Identifying Information (PII) for marketing purposes. Additionally, Visionamics may lease or sell data containing PII to Visionamics clients for marketing purposes. Visionamics may require clients to affirm an existing business relationship with individuals prior to any use or availability of said data.

It is the policy of Visionamics to communicate with individuals that have given permission to Visionamics directly, or that have given third-party permission to a Visionamics partner or vendor.

The permissioned records that Visionamics collects come from surveys, promotions and sweepstakes, product or service registrations (including newsletters and content-based Internet sites), and other marketing responses. These collection points are operated by Visionamics, Visionamics partners, and other vendors.

Visionamics policy is to not communicate with children under the age of 18 years.

Visionamics maintains a philosophy of better marketing through targeted, relevant communication. Visionamics communications will never contain vulgarity, obscenity, or promote illicit activity. Additionally, all Visionamics communications are carefully checked to be unoffensive and acceptable to a general audience. Visionamics' targeting technologies then deliver these communications to individuals that have a higher likelihood of interest, which significantly reduces the amount of undesired email on the Internet.

Visionamics is more than happy to permanently opt out any individual upon request. Every communication originating from Visionamics technologies includes an easy, one-click opt-out mechanism, which effects a near-real-time removal from our active emails database. Additionally, Visionamics provides postal address information for those individuals not wishing to use one-click opt-out. Select Visionamics communications may also include telephone or other contact information. This policy is in keeping with best business practices and applicable law.

This policy is subject to change at any time, without notice. A current copy of this policy will always be online at this website.